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Really Awful Movies

ScannersScanners is horror turned inside out. And outside in. Thought crimes are reified, as a subculture of”telephatic curiosities” (aka, “scanners”) are able to use their brains to kill.

Scanners are social outcasts, unable to quell the voices in their heads and it’s this “loss of self” that is explored in what can be described as Cronenberg’s Mental Illness trilogy: Stereo, Scanners and Spider.

Not surprisingly, a sinister corporation with ties to a secret arms manufacturer is exploiting these beings.

That corporation is called ConSec and they’re going after one of their powerful rogue agents, Revok, the only way they know how: enlisting the help of another scanner, Cameron.

But Cameron doesn’t come willingly.

ConSec’s lead researcher Dr. Paul Ruth kidnaps, then injects him with a telepathy inhibitor, Ephemerol, a Haldol analogue that ameliorates his harrowing cascade of voices and gets the scanner subject on board with the plot to take out the company renegade.


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